• DW Jazz Series

    DW Jazz Series

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  • Aspire Accent Wire Sunburst Streak

    LP® ASPIRE® Accents Cajon Sunburst Streak

    LP® ASPIRE® Accents Cajon Sunburst Streak


    With 3 sets of DW snare wires, you will get a wide dynamic range while the Maple body with Para wood soundboard provides a deep bass tone. This cajon comes with large rubber feet, textured seating surface and rounded corners to add to your playing comfort. The 3-step streak finishing process provides a truly unique look.

    H-17 1/4” W-11¾” D-12 1/8”
    Birch/Poplar body and soundboard
    3 Sets of DW snare wires
    Textured seating surface and rounded corners
    3-step streak finishing process provides a truly unique look

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  • Ludwig-Maple-Transperent-Blue

    Ludwig Maple Transperent Blue

    Ludwig Maple Transperent Blue

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  • Pearl Soundcheck Complete 5-pc. Drum Set with Hardware and Zildjian Planet Z Cymbals  


    Pearl Soundcheck Complete 5-pc. Drum Set with Hardware and Zildjian Planet Z Cymbals  

    $0.50 $0.25

    Pearl, the world's largest drum manufacturer, proudly presents the newly-updated Soundcheck Series 5-pc. drum set. True to Pearl's legacy of drum-building excellence, Soundcheck comes complete with a 22 x 18 in. bass drum, a 16 x 14 in. floor tom, 12 x 9 in. and 10 x 8 in. toms, and a 14 x 6.5 in. snare drum. Newly upgraded with an unbeatable double-braced hardware package and Zildjian Planet Z Crash, Hi-Hat, and Ride cymbals, Soundcheck is crafted to be everything you'd expect from a Pearl drum set.

    Soundcheck's bass drum, tom toms, and snare feature a 9-ply Poplar shell for optimum tonal power.

    Soundcheck's included hardware package is second-to-none in its price-point. All stands have heavy piping, height-adjustable tube joints, heavy double-braced legs, and multi-angle locking tilters to keep drums and cymbals in the right position every time.

    Designed after Pearl's award-winning Eliminator pro pedal line, the Soundcheck kick pedal's double-chain drive action and adjustability create smooth, effortless play.

    Included Planet Z cymbals are made in the USA by Zildjian and include a 20 in. Ride, 16 in. Crash, and a set of 13 in. Hi-hats.

    With a matching shell and finish, the Soundcheck snare is full of attack and power, yet sensitive enough for drumming at any volume.

    Soundcheck's kick drum has an extended tension/tuning range, for thumping bass frequencies you can feel in your chest.

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  • 20″ K Constantinople

    20″ K Constantinople

    Plenty of give, texture and “crashability.” Combination of top articulation and bottom spread provides excellent stick articulation. Lower in pitch.

    K Constantinople cymbals speak with the dark warm sound associated with Zildjian cymbals made in Turkey in the first half of the 20th Century. “Old Ks” first resurfaced during the 1950s and 1960s in set-ups of bebop era vanguard drummers like Elvin Jones.

    K Constantinoples are hand-lathed by skilled artisans using old-style cutting tools. Pits and other surface impurities, that modern finishing processes remove, are retained, preserving the original tonal quality.

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  • Zildjian A Series 14″ Quick Beat Hi Hat Cymbals


    Zildjian A Series 14″ Quick Beat Hi Hat Cymbals

    $530.00 $239.00

    These traditional-finish A Series hi-hats have a lightning-fast response for short, tight, funky beats. Four holes in bottom provide fast air release, making them all the more nimble.

    Developed with the assistance of drumming icon Vinnie Colaiuta, A Customs utilize radical rotary hammering techniques, thin to medium weights for a crisp, sweet, sophisticated A Zildjian sound. Not too dark, not too bright–cymbals that are just right for modern music.

    • Alloy: Zildjian Cast Bronze: 80% Copper, 20% Tin, Traces of Silver.
    • Hammering: Radically modern rotary hammering for thinner weight cymbals.
    • Lathing: Fine pattern of narrow symmetrical grooves that create just enough stiffness.
    • Sound: A bright, responsive, melodic and more refined take on traditional A Zildjian sounds.

    Zildjian Cast Bronze Cymbals
    Cast Bronze cymbals are individually poured and cast from raw molten metal. Each casting is cooled and sorted by weight for each cymbal model, then the castings are put through a complex sequence of heating, rolling, shaping, hammering, and lathing techniques unique to each cymbal range.

    Cast Bronze cymbals have a rich, full-bodied sound that improves with age, and have greater projection, clarity and durability than any other cymbals. Zildjian cast cymbals are made from the Zildjian secret alloy, which is comprised of 80% copper, 20% tin, and traces of silver.

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  • Collector Series Waterfall Bubinga

    Collector Series Waterfall Bubinga

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  • Matador Stave Whiskey Barrel Tumba Cajon 

    Matador Stave Whiskey Barrel Tumba Cajon 


    This addition to our stave cajon collection brings a unique look to an already exclusive design. Making a cajon in the shape of a mini conga with bands reminiscent of a whiskey barrel provide for a great sound and original look. The rounded “belly” and smaller top give an amazing sonic range that has crisp slap tones with increased resonance and bass tone.

    H-20″ W-13″ D-13-1/2″
    New Zealand Pine Stave body with Poplar faceplate
    Exclusive LP Design
    Larger Belly and smaller top creates amazing sonic range
    Decorative bands reminiscent of whiskey barrel

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  • DW Drums Design Series

    DW Drums Design Series Clear Acrylic

    DW Drums Design Series Clear Acrylic

    Clearly the top choice on every drummer’s wish list this year.  They’re the first acrylics to receive the DW moniker.

    The transparent 5MM thick extruded, seamless acrylic shells are outfitted with pro features such as STM (Suspension Tom Mounts), True-Pitch® Tuning, MAG™ Throw-Off, F.A.S.T. (Fundamentally Accurate-Sized Toms), and DW Heads™ by REMO®.  as shown – 18×22″ bass drum, 14″x16″ floor tom, 8″x10″ & 9″x12″ toms and 5.5″x14″ snare drum (hardware and cymbals sold separately).▼

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  • Toca Street Series Djembe - Black Onyx, Medium

    Toca Street Series Djembe Black Onyx Medium

    Toca Street Series Djembe Black Onyx Medium

    Hand carved from one piece of environmentally-friendly, plantation grown Mahogany wood. Kiln dried shell with 20 coats of teak oil to protect and preserve the wood. Hand selected goatskin heads, with authentic rope tuning. Medium, 10″ head and 20″ tall.

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  • Vic Firth American Classic

    Vic Firth American Classic

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  • Zildjian 15″ K Constantinople Crash


    Zildjian 15″ K Constantinople Crash

    $549.00 $259.00

    The new 15″ K Constantinople Crash compliments the 16″ and 18″ Crashes currently in the product line. It features a new hammering technique, an additional pin lathe on the top and bottom, and a new vintage-style cup. These new features allow the cymbal to maintain the dark, expressive quality of the K Constantinople line sought by drummers the world over and incorporate even more overtones and nuances. The cymbal is thin in weight and the new pin lathe feature also gives the cymbal an appearance similar to earlier Ks from the 60’s.

    Developed as the company’s flagship series, K Constantinople cymbals are crafted to emulate the handmade cymbals Zildjian produced in the early 20th Century while still in Turkey. Designed to develop a more complex character as they age, each cymbal is hand-hammered, producing unique attributes even between cymbals of the same size and model.

    Constantinople Crashes are crafted with a vintage-style bell, thin weight, and pin lathing for an umbrous character with nuanced atmosphere and decay.

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